Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My precious niece

My brother and sis in law had a little girl yesterday. She is so adorable & precious. They names her Bethsaida Elizabeth Cherian. Although they had to meet some challenges during the pregnancy and delivery time, God is so good. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A very special trip to Texas

On January 16, Wednesday, Ajo & I flew on Jet Blue to the Capital City of Texas. The reason behind the trip to Austin was to attend my cousin's wedding. Our flight was early morning on Wednesday and we arrived in Austin, TX approximately 12 noon Central Time.We had a light lunch from The Salt Lick place inside the terminal.  The brisket melted in my mouth. We picked up our rental car from Hertz and headed to Hilton Airport. We were exhausted from the 4.5 hr flight. After a power nap we headed over for an early dinner at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. Ajo had Gumbo and I had crab cakes with craw fish.

Thursday morning around 8 am we headed downtown for a walking tour. We waited on the capital grounds and met with our tour guide who narrated pertinent Austin history and walked us through historic downtown Austin. The temperatures were in the mid 40's, a little chilly for a walking tour but we enjoyed the 1 hour exploration of the city. We ate lunch at Whataburger and headed back downtown to explore the interiors of the State Capitol. Afterwards we drove to UT Austin where we strolled through the campus and ate at a Pita pit, perhaps my highlight of the day.
When Ajo & I lived in Reno, NV, we would go to Pita pit every other Sunday after church. It ended up being our comfort food on Sundays. We drove to Round Rock area of TX to take a photo of the Dell HQ since Ajo wanted to add the Dell HQ to his collection of Head Quarters. It was almost dusk when we headed over for dinner at Ajo's cousins place. We had delicious Indian food made by his cousin's wife. The hospitality and the warmth you felt in that home was incredible.

Friday morning we checked out of our hotel. We had to return our rental car and pick up a new rental car from Alamo with a car seat for  my 2 year old nephew. My brother and family was expected to arrive Friday night. We headed over to The Salt Lick BBQ place in Driftwood, TX. The drive was about 30 minutes from the airport area. We had some incredible barbecue. I would recommend this place to anyone visiting Austin, TX. Also, I would recommend their blackberry cobbler. After my brother and family arrived we went to the pre wedding festivities and dinner.

Saturday morning all the family members gathered at the Marriott at 8am for prayer prior to leaving for the church ceremony. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous.There are no words sometimes to describe a bride. They fill the room with a lot of happiness. The church service was beautiful with some bittersweet moments for both my cousin and her close family. If I had to describe this person in 3 words I would say: compassionate, genuine, and truthful. May the good and gracious Lord continue to help the married couple grow together to love the one true God.

After lunch, we all headed back to the hotel to change and returned for the reception around 5PM. The banquet hall was exquisite. The food was delicious. It was beautifully planned wedding and reception.

Sunday morning Ajo & I along with our cousins worshiped at Austin Stone Church. It was a joy to worship the Lord. We ate Brunch at a Crepe place in downtown Austin. We spend the rest of the afternoon in Austin Zoo along with my nephew and his parents. He was truly excited to see all the animals. We wrapped our Austin trip on Sunday night with Tex-Mex dinner at Chuy's. We said our goodbyes to Ajo's cousins and headed back to the hotel to pack for our 7am flight back to NY.

Austin trip is one of the memorable trips Ajo & I have done together.
There are a couple of reasons:
1) Despite Ajo's fear of flying, he wanted to attend the wedding in Austin and the Lord calmed him during the flights.
2) Ajo & I had some good times together - talking, laughing, and the least amount of arguments
3) We witnessed my cousins wedding, a long awaited end of day especially for her.
4) We experienced fellowship with Ajo's cousins. At times in life, people humble you and I experienced that when I met them.
5) Our first trip with my one and only nephew. He is not always going to stay in his terrible two's and therefore Ajo & I cherished his tantrums and his cuteness.

With the top 5 reasons I end this blog post.
One more thing, if you are ever in Austin, try Tex Mex, & Barbecue. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hakuna Matata!

My first blog this year is about The Lion King on Broadway. On January 9, Wednesday, we headed out to the NYC to see the most popular Broadway show. I was so excited to finally go see the show. It was simply superb. I became a kid again from start to finish. Every moment was adventurous, every character was intriguing, and every set was magical.

 I would highly recommend this show to the young and the old. So if you ever visit NYC,  here is something to do and you won't regret it.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

20 out of 20 Finally

It is around 9PM and Ajo just boarded his flight from Atlanta. I have been blogging every day for the past 20 days since Ajo left. I do not know why I started blogging but I am thinking that I wanted a memory of our separation penned.

Three weeks seemed like eternity when Ajo left to Atlanta. But now it is almost over. I am praying for his safe landing in NY. I hope he will be able to find peace and comfort in the scriptures. I am particularly happy that he is coming back before his 31st birthday.

It was an interesting 3 weeks. We had very minimum conversations. Our lives were very separate. Ajo in particular got a lot of time to himself which he enjoyed. There was one weekend we did not talk at all. Two nights - Hurricane night & the Noreaster night - I was a little shaken and fearful to sleep alone in our room. Even with the advance of technology and with both of us having iphones, not once we did 'Facetime'. There was no need for it. We were sufficient, we were busy in our worlds, and we were content in what life gave us. Perhaps, some of what I am writing needs a second look or perhaps I need a second look at myself.  We are both incredibly blessed to have the Lord  who continually have mercy on us.

Today, I went to my pediatrics clinical again. We had Indian food for lunch provided by a local pharmacy. I am thankful for the opportunities got gives me in my life.

As I am blogging I am following Ajo's flight on flight status updates.

Updates: Ajo arrived last night around 1045am. I was  so happy that he got to sit next to kids who entertained him which took his mind off the flight. It is good to have you home!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

19 out of 20 Finally the 2nd exam

Due to hurricane Sandy, exam 2 for pediatrics was pushed forward two weeks. Today we finally took the exam. A lot of us want the class to be over soon but we have a good amount of material to cover and our semester has been extended due to Sandy.

I woke up this morning. I cannot say I studied enough. My mind has been wandering here and there for the past 2 weeks. I went to school early and reviewed some material. After the exam, I felt like my brain was fried. I thought it was a fair exam but despite of all the studying that I did, there were a lot of questions that I wasn't sure about.

We had class after the exam. I stopped to see my nephew and my parents after class. When I came home, I just wanted to hit the bed. I talked to Ajo for about 20 minutes yesterday perhaps the most time I spent on the phone since he left. His training is almost done. He had one more night and one more day in Atlanta. He is expected to arrive tomorrow night.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

18 out of 20 - Never the Same

Today I went to clinical in the morning. I was able to give a ride to the medical assistant. I talked to her for awhile. She was warm and joyful even in all her problems which is faced in her life. I hope to connect with her. The toner of the printer ran out today. A new toner was opened which spilled a lot of toner black carbon. I cleaned it up with a napkin without realizing that inhaling and ingesting the black carbon is harmful in many ways. It got me worried for awhile. I tired to research what were the repercussion and it was not calming. I pray that I will be fine.

Many days I come home after clinicals with feeling of inadequacy. Again, the way God has everything planned out is so intricate than I could possibly imagine. That means I have to work harder and see what I am lacking in my knowledge base.

Every time I go to pediatrics clinical, I come home feeling a little sick. It is like my immune system gets easily attacked by the common viruses that affects kids. Should I be a little worried?

Today I watched this incredible 15 minute video "Never the Same" that totally captured my heart. God calls people into places and uses incredible hearts to share the Gospel. Such an incredible testimony of God's work.  After I googled Papua, Indonesia, I was amazed.

When Gospel enters the heart of men, when God himself walks in that door of your heart, when Jesus in His mercy has compassion to bring light to our darkness, YOU ARE NEVER THE SAME. You are forgiven, accepted, and changed forever.

I went to sleep early yesterday. Ajo called me saying that he is doing some shopping at Target in preparation for his return on Friday.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

17 out of 20 - Blessed for 37 years

Today, I went to my pediatric clinical site. It was a slow day which I really enjoyed. I am getting a little used to the population that I am the least comfortable with.

Praying for my co-workers and people I come in contact at work place has always been a challenge. This morning I spent some time praying for all the people that make up 7+ hours of my day. Between rest, sleep, time for self-care and other miscellaneous obligations in your life, the remainder of 1 or may be 2 hr (if your are lucky) you end up spending with your family. That is truly craziness.

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary. When I look back at broken families in this country alone, I can totally admit how immensely blessed I am for my parents. I thank the great God for His protection and guidance.  I can honestly say that their marriage and all marriages are sustained solely by God's grace and mercy. I thank God for my overprotective parents who stayed together through  thick and thin, who never gave up during uncertainties, and who stayed together so that I could always have a mom & dad. Though seldom uttered, I am grateful for them as always.

Ajo's training in Atlanta is almost coming to an end. He has 3 more days left.